When your company has a 100-year reputation to maintain and you’re dealing with the demands of the commercial construction industry, having people with the right skills and attitude is a must.

G. James Glass & Aluminum, established in 1917, is one of Australia’s most respected glass processors.

Now in its fourth generation of family management, the company values a people-first culture above all else.

General Manager for New South Wales Michael Pascoe says with over 2,000 staff based around the nation are treated more like an extended family as opposed to a workforce.

“Since the outset our company has invested in the training, development and wellbeing of our people,” Mr Pascoe said.

“We think this is the best way to deliver consistent and outstanding results for our clients, however in today’s market we need to diversify our structure to maintain our agility.”

G. James has operations in all capital cities, providing safety glass and windows and doors to tier-one, commercial and domestic builders, window fabricators, shop fitters and commercial glaziers.

Earlier this year Anderson Recruitment & Training was engaged by G. James to provide labour hire of skilled people to work at one of its Sydney-based window fabrication facilities.

“Anderson supply us with more than just pure labour hire,” Mr Pascoe said.

“The people we employ need to have a degree of intelligence, autonomy and aptitude to learn quickly.

“We’ve been through enough recruiters and labour hire firms in the past, and learnt to be mindful that if you’re solving a problem quickly, you’re not creating another one.”

Kevin Moore, Managing Director at AR&T, believes an emphasis on spending quality time screening candidates before deployment is the key to success.

“In this game, if you don’t invest in people first then any chance of delivering consistent results will be flawed from the beginning,” Mr Moore said.

“Regardless of the industry we’re servicing, providing people to site seamlessly who can perform as part of a team is a great asset to clients.

“Our management team also continues to stay involved after the initial deployment, mentoring our people onsite to ensure milestones are met and great results achieved.”

Mr Pascoe said that with the needs for large industry always changing, having a mix of permanent staff and on-demand contractors is an advantage.

“An obvious benefit of contracting people with the right aptitude and experience is mitigating our commercial risk,” Mr Pascoe said.

“The opt-in and opt-out model gives us great flexibility to scale and, importantly, reduces any long term overheads.

“Working with Anderson’s, we’ve been able to achieve that.”

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